Written by: Leah Roberts

What in the world IS HD Body Sculpting?
What is the process from start to finish?

Body Sculpting procedures are often scary for most people, given the lack of up-front information right?

We are unfamiliar- no one really knows the true process, because no one has openly thrown that information into the web-iverse; the deep dark secrets of liposuction (that scary jabbing motion they do with that silver stick thingy?), what will it feel like, what the results will be.

And of course we have all heard the terrifying gone wrong stories haven’t we? or so we think.

The truth is, those situations are very rare, and the chances of something going wrong during or after the procedure, is slim to none, especially when you have gone to the right place, with the right experienced providers.

As a society, we have been scared off by the tv shows, the articles, the horror stories, the inexperienced doctors, the awful before-and-after pictures, celebrities (uhhhh…), but we don’t get to see what it can really do for people do we?

Only the bad things have gone viral, am I right? But what about all the good ones? The ones that went right. Well those ones just aren’t exciting enough to show the world, now are they?

We don’t always get the chance to see how body sculpting can change a person’s life forever, how professional the process is, real-time procedure videos, showing how safe and calm the procedures are.

We don’t have the chance to LEARN, step-by-step, what the Hd Body Sculpting process really is.

So many questions, so little answers.
Well we are going to change that right now!

What is HD Body Sculpting anyways?

HD Body Sculpting is a specialized and minimally invasive fat removal and body contouring Liposuction procedure.

This is a all-around, full body Liposuction technique, making it possible to create your own customizable look, easily tighten skin, and rid fat quickly.

Each procedure is designed around the needs of each individual patient. You create your OWN look!

Our HD Body Sculpting uses vibration-supported liposuction to break down and separate fat cells, which are suctioned from the problem areas, filtered, and then placed into various other parts of your body, to then create the figure you desire.

Phase One- The Consultation

A very professional (and yet very casual) phase, in which you meet with the treatment coordinator and discuss your goals.

In this step, you will discuss if the potential patient is a good fit for Body Sculpting (previous health problems, current health problems, body type, etc.) which areas of your body you are wanting modified, why they are problem areas, etc.

We will discuss with you which procedure might be best for your body, what your options are, pricing, payment plans, etc.

This is such an awesome phase and gives the potential patient so much up-front information and a chance to connect with our staff and really understand our process.

Phase Two- Provider Assessment

This phase will be similar to your first phase.

This is basically another consultation, but it will be WITH the provider that will be preforming your procedure instead.

This is such an exciting and casual phase (don’t be afraid, we don’t bite), where the provider and patient get the chance to bond and discuss their goals.

The patient and provider will, again, discuss the problem areas to be treated, why they are problem areas, and talk about the suggested procedure.

This gives the provider a before-hand idea of what he/she needs to do in preparation for the procedure, what your main goal is for your body, etc. The provider will physically assess the problem areas and get the chance to explain what the plan for your procedure will be.

The provider will also ask your basic medical questions, such as previous health problems (or lack thereof), previous procedures and surgeries, prescription allergies, intended medications to be prescribed, aftercare, etc.

Phase Three- Prep Before the Procedure

When it comes time for your procedure, you will sign in, take your pre-op pictures, get procedure lines drawn on you, gown up, and get ready for an awesome experience.

Meanwhile, your provider will be setting up all the tools needed for your procedure, with clean and sterilized (if not brand-new) tools and equipment, a nice fresh procedure gown, a cute little hair cap, shoe covers, protective eye wear, and gloves.

Yes, you get to see for your own eyes, every step of the way- from laying out your brand new tools, setting up the equipment and attaching the local anesthesia to the machine, all while you lay watching your favorite tv show above (or playing candy crush on your phone if thats what you’re into).

The best part about the local anesthesia? You are able to stay awake during your procedure, continue watching your favorite show, playing candy crush, or calling your child while they are on lunch break at school, all while feeling no pain.

The medical assistant will then use Hibiclens- an antiseptic that fights bacteria and is used to clean the skin to prevent infection- on all the areas that are about to be treated.

It will be an estimated 3 hour procedure, from the moment the patient signs in, prep is done, and all the way to the finish of the procedure.

Phase Four- The Procedure

The most exciting (and not at all scary) of all phases!

We will start by numbing the access points (where the cannula will enter the skin to suction out the fat)- using a small syringe that will inject into the subcutaneous access points. Subcutaneous meaning located just barely under the skin, where fat sits.

Once numbed, the provider will then go to each access point with a small tool, to create little holes just big enough for the cannula to enter.

If you look very carefully to the bottom left of the picture, you will see a very tiny hole on the top of the patient’s thigh that the provider created for the cannula (very hard to see, that’s how small it is), as well as the tool she uses to do so.

After all areas have been punctured, we can then begin the swelling, and firming of fat.

In this part of the procedure, we use infiltration and vibration to swell and firm the fat in the desired area.

This separates the fat, breaking adipose fiber, and injects the local anesthesia into the area, so that when the time comes, suctioning out the fat will be easier (this prevents that scary jabbing you’ve seen, but instead creates a calm fluid motion to suction out the fat easily).

Once all areas have been firmed, and have been given time to let the local anesthesia do it’s job, we can begin the suction process.

This is a smooth fluid process, where the provider uses a back and forth motion to thoroughly suction out fat from each area. This part of the procedure usually takes about an hour in itself, and is very calm (not at all jabby or scary).

Post-Op Care

After your procedure, you will get a list from your provider that will inform you of your Post-Op Instructions, as well as specific instructions your provider will give you right then.

Although you will be able to walk immediately after procedure, you definitely shouldn’t drive (so nice try!).

Make sure your seats are covered in your car, just in case there is leakage through your bandages.  Leakage will naturally occur the most with the following 24 hours after procedure, and very little after that.

Dont be alarmed- the leakage is leftover local anesthia from the procedure, so no need to worry it is something gross!

Immediately rest for 4-8 hours once you’ve returned home. Make sure your body is propped, not lying flat- that way leakage can occur.

You will recieve more instructions on your Pre and Post-Op form that is provided for you, in order to properly take care of your garments and bandaging.

Make sure to rest, and do not drive for at least 18 hours after the procedure. Carefully resume light exercise (1-2 miles of walking) 24 hours after the procedure, followed by 8 hours of rest.

Stay hydrated after procedure and continue to invovle yourself in very light cardio activities (walking, stationary bike, etc)

Avoid alcohol for at least 48 hours before and after the procedure (bummer, we know).

Keep your sites clean! Showering once or twice daily gently using water and soap on the sites.

DO NOT apply ice packs or heating pads to the areas that were treated, or use hydrogen peroxide or band-aids on the sites- this will slow the healing process. 

DO NOT soak in a bath, jacuzzi, pool, ocean, lake, etc., for at least 7 days after procedure to avoid infection.

There is so much more, these are only a few things to be aware of after procedure!

Your Post-Op packet will provide all further details on specific questions you may have, and we are also available in the offices Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm to call for any questions you may have moving forward!

How do we feel?

See, Body Sculpting isn’t so bad right? We have no dirty dark secrets or gimmicks, just a straight-up passion for helping men and women look and feel good about themselves.

Now that we have seen, and are at peace, with how the HD Body Sculpting procedure works from start to finish, we can feel better about our decision to look into it right?

Remember how we said above, “We don’t always get the chance to see how body sculpting can change a person’s life forever, how professional the process is, real-time procedure videos, showing how safe and calm the procedures are.”

Well now you can.

We are making it so unbelievably easy for you to see for yourselves, and make an educated decision.

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