Breast Augmentations in Las Vegas are easy to come by and can mean a lot of different things.

There are plenty of options available to you in Las Vegas for this!

For some clinics, a Breast Augmentation can mean implants, while for others it is more of a natural approach with a Natural Breast Augmentation through a natural fat transfer.

Who’s to say which method might be the best?

Luckily, we have have answers for you in one single place! Are you ready to learn about the differences, pros, and cons between implants and fat transfer Breast Augmentations?


What is a Breast Augmentation with Implants?

This form of Breast Augmentation is commonly referred to as simply “breast implants” or a “boob job”.

This is accomplished by placing foreign objects into the breasts- implants. These implants can be made in different ways, with different solutions and materials.

The two most common of these implants being saline and silicone.

Saline implants are filled with sterile salt water. Silicone is of course, filled with silicone gel.

New to the breast implant game as well, are the gummy bear breast implants.

There are pros and cons to choosing one over the other. Should a saline implant burst in the breast pocket, it will simply expel salt water, that the body will eventually absorb and expel.

Whereas, if a silicone implant were to burst in the breast pocket, the gel will remain in the breast pocket. It is possible the body can absorb this gel- which would not be good right? Silicone gel, absorbed into your body?

Who’s to say what might happen next?In comparison, the gummy bear breast implants, while also filled with silicone gel, is much harder than traditional silicone implants.

This type of implant is more stable and filled with a firmer silicone gel. Should it burst, the implant will still hold its shape.

A Breast Augmentation using an implant is commonly used for a larger augmentation. Usually when you are trying to reshape, lift, and enlarge the breasts more than what can be done naturally.

If you are looking for more than 1 cup size of a change and a little less of a natural look, then an implant is most likely your best option.


Is one “better” than the other?

You might be thinking- why would someone want silicone implants then? Imagine a water balloon, filled to the breaking point- it is hard and fragile feeling right? You could compare this feeling to saline implants.

Saline implants will provide a large, round look to the breasts that is unlike the natural shape of the breasts.

Whereas, silicone implants are said to feel more “natural” than saline.

Silicone implants are filled with a soft gel, providing a similar softness and more “natural shape”, similar to the natural breast.

Gummy bear implants come with more of a set shape similar to that of the “natural” breast- rounding and tapering to the top. Because it is firm silicone gel, these implants can appear unusual should the implants rotate in the breast pocket.

Because of this, 72% of women who choose a Breast Augmentation using implants, chose silicone over saline and gummy bear. Implants are great options for a larger and more drastic change to your breasts. Just remember that with that larger change comes maintenance.

It is recommended that you have implants changed every 10 years. Sometimes sooner if there are complications.

There are pros and cons to everything right?


What is a Natural Breast Augmentation Using a Fat Transfer?

A Natural Breast Augmentation by Belle Medical Las Vegas, is also referred to as a fat transfer to the breast. This method does not use implants of any kind.

Instead, fat is harvested from another part of your body via HD Body Sculpting– a natural, minimally invasive treatment- and transferred to the breasts.

Subtly restoring volume and shape to the breast, in a very natural-looking way, while using your own body’s fat!

No need to worry about a natural feel, or shape. No more worrying about an implant bursting, causing foreign substances to leak into the breast pocket.

Not to mention the added benefit of saying goodbye to unwanted fat that has settled into another area of the body.

You can lose a few inches of fat from the abdomen, or thighs, and simply add it to the breast instead!! By doing this procedure you are really getting 2 procedures at once.

An HD body sculpting procedure and then a fat transfer. It will help maximize results of your fat transfer by also slimming other areas down as well.


Which Form of Breast Augmentation is “Better”?

Now that we’ve discussed the different forms of Breast Augmentation, let’s now address a few of the most common questions.

Q: Which form is “healthier” for the body?

A: A Natural Breast Augmentation using fat transfer is much healthier for the body.

What is more natural and healthy, than your own fat being put into your body? Placing foreign implants into the breast increases the chance of your body rejecting the implant.

Q: What is the difference in the surgical processes?

A: There is a vast difference in the surgical process of these two Breast Augmentation options. However, both processes are same-day procedures.

Implants will require a surgical process, under a general anesthetic. This means the patient will not be awake during the process, in order to ensure their body and breasts are being treated respectfully.

The surgeon will insert an endoscope-  a tiny camera inserted into the breast to see and place the implants. This means incisions that the patient will need to take care of post-op, resulting in a longer recovery time.

This incision may be under the breast, on the sides of the breast under the arm, or even as low as the belly button. The implants can also be placed into the breast through incisions in the areola- yes that means the areola is removed, and sewn back on.

Given all these different options, the appearance and feel of the breast will be affected.

A Natural Breast Augmentation with Belle Medical Las Vegas is performed under a local anesthetic, and is considered a procedure, rather than a surgery because of this.

The patient is awake, but numb during the fat transfer. The process begins by removing fat from one area of the body, filtering the fat, and placing the fat back into the breast through a small access point.

You can read more about the Belle Medical Las Vegas fat transfer process HERE.

Q: What is the difference in recovery time and post-op care?

A: The recovery time and post-op care for a Breast Augmentation with implants is more extensive. 

Getting implants, you can expect a longer recovery time. Depending on the incision received as well, you may see a longer post-op care process as well. This may be a specific process in cleaning the wound, and keeping it gauzed or wrapped for a certain period of time.

Typically, there will be considerable amount of pain, swelling, bruising, tightness, and even bleeding during a breast implant recovery process.

For a breast implant surgery, you can expect to take at least a week minimum off work. Getting back to regular activities and most, but not all, normal movements is typically possible around two weeks.

Recovery time takes considerably less time for a fat transfer Breast Augmentation by Belle Medical Las Vegas. Most patients are back to work within 24-48 hours following procedure, and back to most normal activities at about a week.

Both procedures will require bandage/wrap changes often in the post-op care process.

However, with both procedures, you are expected to rest for the following 24-48 hours after procedure. As well, both procedures will require a compression garment/bra as post-op care.

For breast implants, you can expect to wear the compression bra for about six weeks. A fat transfer will typically require about 4 weeks of wearing the compression bra.


Q: What are the results like for each type of Breast Augmentation?

A: The results of an implant and fat transfer do vary.

Of course, following a breast implant surgery, you can expect to feel like your breasts are larger than you had chosen the implants to be. This is because of swelling.

But once the swelling goes down, you can expect your breasts to remain the size you had chosen for the implants. There will be tightness of the skin, and in some cases, stretch marks and scarring.

Depending on the type of implant you chose, will depend on how your implants will look and feel once fully healed after six weeks.

For a Natural Breast Augmentation, you can expect about ½-1 cup size increase. You get a beautiful and natural enhancement while not getting that “fake” look many people fear. This adds volume and confidence that our patients have grown to love.

Q: Will the results last if I choose to do a Fat transfer to the breasts?

A: Absolutely.

Your body has fat for many reasons. When you transfer that fat, your body is able to accept that and treat it the same as the existing fat there.

It is important to remember that there is about a 70% cell viability in a fat transfer which means you can expect to lose about 30% of the fat cells that are transferred. Your body will absorb the fat cells and process them through your lymphatic system… All done naturally.

This is part of the reason why you can expect about a ½-1 cup size change.

Following your procedure, you can expect that your breasts may be larger than you had intended- this is necessary.

Given that you will lose 30% of the fat, the size of the breast must have more fat in the beginning than desired, so that the body can go through its natural process and accept the new fat cells grafted in.

After healing, you will be left with your results as your body accepts the changes and the fat settles in.

As your weight fluctuates up and down so will the size of your breasts as the fat inside will react the same way the existing fat there does.

If you are looking for something a little larger or more of an unnatural look, traditional implants may be a better option for you.

Our patients find that they love their new look and love having a naturally boosted breast size, while still being subtle. And have we mentioned how nice it is to not have something foreign inside of your chest!?


Natural Breast Augmentations by Belle Medical Las Vegas

Why chose a Natural Fat Transfer, over breast implants? For most, the choice of plumping these areas with their own natural fat, is an obvious one.

No added worry of putting foreign substances/objects in your body and wondering how your body might choose to react to those substances.

This is not a worry with a fat transfer and using your body’s own fat cells.

You already know your body accepts this substance- because it is from your own body!

Your body made it personally; not in a lab. And of course, there is the added benefit of it being all natural.

Many of us desire enhancement of our bodies, but we also want to look natural and feel natural.That’s why our natural augmentations have become so popular!

Some may not want others to know about their procedure- choosing a procedure that will produce natural results is ideal.

However, if you do desire a more obvious or extreme improvement of an area, it is possible you would want to go with implants.

We specialize in using your own natural fat, to improve the size and shape of the breasts, in the most natural-looking way possible.

Unnatural looks are just not obtainable through our services and not what we provide. We tailor-make each of our procedures to each unique individual, to create an exclusive look only they can pull off.

To learn more about our services and get your free price quote, book your FREE consultation today!

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Written by: Leah Roberts


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