Written by: Leah Roberts

As truly blissful as HD Body Sculpting is, there is one thing necessary to understand. Your natural body is unique, and we believe in keeping it natural and unique for you!

We want to be as available and open as we can with you- our audience. We receive many questions every day, from potential and current patients, and we want to help address your questions!

And hopefully this will answer many of the questions that most of you may still have!


What is HD Body Sculpting?

For those of you who are not completely sure what HD Body Sculpting is, we have your answers right here.

HD Body Sculpting is a new minimally-invasive procedure similar to liposuction, which removes fat from targeted areas of the body. It is a 1 time procedure for the treated sites.

Here at Belle Medical Las Vegas, we do not make any incisions or remove skin from the body- we simply gently remove fat or transfer fat.

Unique to us is that we use a local anesthetic rather than a general, which enables our patients to be awake during procedure. It’s actually quite extraordinary!

Because we focus on the natural approach to sculpting your body, we also do not do implants, botox, tummy tucks, plastic surgery of the face, etc.

We like to think of Belle Medical as a safe way of removing fat, and/or using that fat to naturally enhance certain areas of the body. We want to ensure that you receive natural looking results, for your natural body.

Because that’s what it’s really all about right?

HD Body Sculpting is simply meant to contour, and enhance a problem area. Not for perfection!

It is essential to understand that when you come in for your procedure looking like YOU, you will leave looking like YOU.

You are still the same person, in the same body and skin you have always been in; but you will leave with more confidence in your body than you came in with.

The Belle Medical Way- Natural Body, Natural Results

What we do here at Belle Medical, is simply enhancing the areas of your body that you are troubled with.

For example, if you are a mother of 3, and you just can’t seem to get rid of the lower tummy pouch and love handles from your past pregnancies, not matter how hard you work at the gym!

That’s where we come in.

We can go in and remove that stubborn fat from the lower tummy and love handles.

Then it is up to you to follow your post-op care instructions, and follow a healthy lifestyle from then on out. Some patients see results immediately after a procedure, but most will see more significant results with time.

Your body needs time to fully accept your new changes.

It is imperative that you remember- natural body, equals natural results. Every person’s body is different, and heals at different rates.

You cannot envision coming into a procedure, and leaving, immediately looking like a brand new person.

Our natural bodies simply don’t work this way! NATURE doesn’t work this way.

We heal naturally- the body reacts naturally. If you remove your body’s fat in a very rough or extremely invasive way you can expect unnatural bruising and recovery.

That is where our technology comes in and offers a superior way to sculpt your body without the ultra-invasive approach.

Naturally sculpting your body with your own curves and own fat is the way to go!

That is what we do here at Belle Medical. Natural results. No skin removal, plastic surgery of the face, or implants. It is your own natural fat, in your natural body.

We are simply working with what you already naturally have. Give your body the chance to repair and relax- your results will come.

If you are looking for something a little more than what your body can naturally offer we suggest a plastic surgeon and a different route.

There is nothing wrong with that, just not what we do here at Belle Medical.


Why choose a natural Fat Transfer, rather than Breast/Butt Implants?

For most, choosing to plump these areas with their own natural fat, is incomplex, and straightforward.

No added worry of putting foreign substances in your body such as fillers, botox,or implants- wondering how your body could react to it.

Will my body reject these substances? Am I allergic to a substance?

What if the implant breaks and leaks? What if I get an infection from these substances? How long until i have to replace or repair implants?

None of these are worries with a fat transfer, using good old fashioned fat cells.

You already know your body accepts this substance- because it is from your own body. Your body made it personally; not in a lab!

Plus, there is the added benefit of just that- natural. Many of us desire enhancement of our bodies, but we also want to look natural and feel natural.

Some may not want others to know about their procedure- seeing more natural results, no one will ever suspect a thing!

However, if you do desire a more obvious or extreme improvement of an area, it is possible you would want to go with implants.

We specialize in using your own natural fat, to improve your breasts or buttocks, in the most natural-looking way possible.

Will my results last?

This is one of the biggest questions asked. The answer is yes. BUT it also is highly dependent on how you treat your body after your procedure, from that point on.

In addition to following your vital post-op care instructions, taking care of yourself by leading a healthy lifestyle is a must!

Eating right and taking care of your body is always important and we find many of our patients getting even more motivated after our procedure to do just that.

Just like everyone, weight can be re-gained with time if we are not taking care of ourselves.

This procedure is a great starting point to kick-start your new healthy lifestyle to maintain your results!

Weight can always fluctuate, but the beauty of what we do is actually removing the fat cells from your treated sites which means you won’t gain weight in those same areas like you did before.

This goes for a fat transfer as well.

If you lose a lot of weight after a fat transfer your fat can also diminish in size in those treated areas.

This is how your body works and because we take a natural approach you will see your fat fluctuate in all areas.

You can expect to retain about 70% of the fat cells that are transferred to your desired area. A fuller look is what you can expect to whatever site you transfer to.


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