Written by: Leah Roberts

It’s never a bad idea to take extra special care of your body- especially after an awesome HD Body Sculpting procedure!

Your body is now adjusting to the new YOU- help it out by leading a healthy lifestyle and following the Post-Op care instructions! These are both VITAL in maintaining results after a procedure!

HD Body Sculpting is a great tool to get to the slimmer you, but it doesn’t mean you can stop taking care of your body! Your body is your most important asset- fuel it in the best possible way.

We have your guide to maximizing and maintaining your results right here! Let’s have a chat about some steps you can take to a healthy lifestyle!

First Things First- Healing WILL Take Time

It’s important to remember that yes, while HD Body Sculpting is fabulous, being that everyone’s body is so different and unique, the procedure will have different effects, healing time, and results for everyone!

We all have unique bodies, that are different in every way. While some people may see immediate dynamic results by Day One, others may see a more dynamic difference by Day 7, 15, 30, or even 90.

And for everyone, the results will only more become more remarkable and noticeable with even more time- this could be  90 days, 180 days, on to 6 months! Time is important in the healing process- you must be patient with your body as it heals.

Results are not always immediate. Your body needs time to recover!

The time it takes for our bodies to heal, varies from person to person. No one’s body is the same, and that is what is so beautiful about each of us! Some people will heal faster than others, which WILL effect how quickly you will see results.

Healing will take time… again, everyone’s body is different, and it is important that expectations are realistic!

So in other words- Be patient and know that as you do your part, your body will do it’s part! 👊

The Vitality of Post-Op Care!

Your biggest and most important step in not only maintaining your results, but seeing results quicker, is by following your Post-Op Care instructions for the love of Pete!!

We cannot express how important this is. It is so essential that these Post-Op Care instructions are followed because they do and will affect the results of your procedure.

Post-Op Care will include things like wearing your compression garments as suggested by your provider, getting massages, drinking plenty of water, walking, eating healthy, and resting to allow your body to recover. Post-Op Care will last the following several months after procedure, so embrace it!

And as we said before, these instructions are crucial to seeing quicker and more dynamic results. Lacking in certain areas of the care can and will affect results. And it only helps you get healthier, so why not right?

So let’s take it up a notch then- let’s talk specifics!

Drinking Plenty of Water

Now obviously, as a general rule, it is recommended by health authorities that everyone drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.

But no one really does…

But given that you just had your body sculpted, you probably want to. And by probably we mean, YES please drink at least that much water daily for at least your first week Post Op.

Now you are likely thinking, “Why so much though?”. Well, let us tell you…

Water has countless benefits already for our bodies as it is, so you can only assume that water holds great benefit to your body after a procedure.

You need water to remove excess waste from your body and to help keep you hydrated, but is also the secret to keeping your skin healthy, tight, and hydrated.

After a procedure, small amounts of anesthesia or medications may remain in your body, which can cause discomfort if not properly flushed out of the body by drinking plenty of water. Your lymphatic system is key to helping your body recover and water is key for your lymphatic system!

Additionally, being dehydrated can interfere with the healing process. Not having enough water in your blood stream can slow down the transportation of vital nutrients needed for healing, to the treated areas.

Healthy skin is also achieved by drinking enough of water; skin elasticity is fundamental in maintaining your HD Body Sculpting results. It is important for your skin to tighten and bounce back quickly after a procedure, and this can be done by wearing the pressure garments as instructed, and by keeping your body hydrated.

A Healthy Diet

Now when we say diet, we are not referring to Mediterranean, Paleo, or Ketosis. No, we mean a change in your lifestyle! (Say What?!)

Eating an all-around generally healthy diet is not as hard (hopefully…) as those specific diets above, where you can only have certain foods, and none of the others.

All we suggest is choosing healthier foods in general!

This just means consciously choosing the apple, instead of the bag of chips it’s sitting next to. This means choosing to make dinner at home tonight instead of that delicious burger joint down the street! It’s as simple as that. A little self-control may be in order though…

Because we want to reward ourselves now right? You’ve just gotten this procedure that’s going to result in this new bangin’ body, and you’ve mustered up all of your courage to get the procedure done in the first place! Now you deserve a donut… NO! 😂

Say no my friend! Find the will-power!

Think of your body- it now has to adjust to this new you! It needs to be rewarded with nourishment and encouragement, so as to heal and get better quicker!

Just as you should nurture your body by keeping it hydrated, you should definitely fuel it with the best possible choices of food! This will not only help to maintain your HD Body Sculpting results, but can speed up your healing process by increasing the amount of nutrients you are putting into your body.

Staying Active

Now, in general, most patients are able to be back to work within the next 24-48 hours after their HD Body Sculpting procedure, and back to most, but not all, normal activities within a week.

That’s quite impressive, given that you just removed targeted fat from your body!

We strongly recommend that you walk about 1-2 miles within 24 hours of returning home. During the next few months of Post-Op Care, we recommend participating in light cardio exercises. Be sure to get at least 8 hours of rest prior to your cardio, so that you are not over walking your body.

Hey, it’s a nice pass to use on the family, “Mom can you make me a sandwich?”

“Well Timmy, my Provider says I have to rest for at least 8 hours. Ask Dad.” 🤷‍♀️

Bam. Free Pass.

But in all seriousness.. get at least 8 hours of rest before cardio, and take it easy. Refrain from any intense strenuous activity for the first 10 days after your treatment. Even if you feel like you are fine, too much physical activity in the first few days can increase bruising and swelling, or slow down recovery and healing.

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