Written by: Leah Roberts

There are so many beliefs about modern Liposuction.

There is general idea or belief out there about how it works,
but most don’t have all the inside details about the advantages or options of modern Liposuction.

The assumption is that all Lipo techniques are exactly the same, but this is not true.
There are various techniques used in modern day Liposuction practices; Laser-assisted liposuction, Ultrasound-assisted liposuction, Water-assisted liposuction and Tumescent liposuction.

Vibration-Supported Liposuction being the safest and most effective among them all.

We are defining modern Vibration-Supported Liposuction in Las Vegas.

Let’s talk Lipo ladies and gents!

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a modern day way to more quickly and efficiently remove fat from the body, using a cannula.

A liposuction cannula is a small stainless steel tube that is inserted through an incision in the desired area and removes fat under the skin.

The fat is suctioned through the cannula, through a tube and into a vacuum pump that will hold the fat.

With Vibration-Supported Lipo, the suction cannula is moved in a fast vibrational motion.

This helps to microscopically and gently separate and remove fat tissue from the area.

How is Vibration-Supported the Safest Technique?

Vibrational Lipo protects your vulnerable connective tissues under the skin by loosening and separating the fat from these tissues.
In other modern techniques, the cannula is being jabbed under the skin, forcefully, damaging tissue and causing more pain, swelling,
and bruising as a result for the patient.

Instead, vibration emulsifies the fat to encourage gentle removal of the fat.

Benefits of Vibration-Supported Liposuction?

The patient is able to see the all-around results for themselves
Minimal bruising and swelling
Quicker healing time excellent skin tightening
Less force and effort necessary to move the cannula- this lets the doctor work more precisely
Sedation is not required, making the patient more comfortable
Gentle fat removal with minimal damage Gentle vibration increases the patient’s comfort
Shorter, more time-saving procedure

What Can You Do with Liposuction?

Liposuction offers so many options for you and your body.

Some of these options include Fat Transfers (including Brazilian butt lifts and breast augmentation), HD Body sculpting, Etching, and more.

Liposuction is here to increase your confidence, feel better about yourself, and give you natural options in doing so!

Let’s take a look at these Lipo options!

Fat Transfer

This is also referred to as fat grafting or fat injections.

A fat transfer procedure will remove fat from areas of the body that have excess fat and injects it into other areas that might be lacking in volume.

Fat is commonly taken from the inner or outer thighs, back, arms, belly, etc., and then placed into areas such as the face and lips, breasts and buttocks, or depressions/scarring irregularities in the skin.

The benefit of this is that you are using your own natural fat cells, and simply placing it in another area of your body, as opposed to fillers or implants.

This will reduce the chance of allergic reactions in your body from inserting foreign substances. Fat transfers are noninvasive, natural, long lasting and safe!

Where has this been all my life!

Let’s check out some Fat Transfer options.

Fat Transfers for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a among the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in the United States every year.

It is a great option for those who find implants unappealing, but instead, want a more natural approach to enhancing their breasts.

A fat transfer for breast augmentation will have a more natural feel than the silicone and saline solution that typical breast implants are filled with.

If you are looking to optimize breast shape or size, fix surgical or natural irregularities in the breasts, or even a total breast reconstruction, a fat transfer might be the best option for you!

Fat Transfers for Buttock Augmentation

It is also great for one of the most popular Fat Transfers- Brazilian Butt Lifts!

Some may want a fuller, more attractive back side, while others could be looking for a more ideal shape.

This could be a good option for you if you are having a difficult time shaping and firming the butt through exercise as well.

Fat Transfers to the buttocks use the fat cells that are taken from another part of the body, then are then purified, and injected into the buttocks using only the best tissues.

This makes for a more naturally curvaceous buttock without the use of an implant.

Fat Transfers for Skin Irregularities

If you have had a previous liposuction procedures that produced irregularities in your skin, such as dimples, depressions, or pockets, a fat transfer may be a great option for you.

Excess and sagging skin is the most common cause for irregularities after liposuction.

This is because that area of skin has been stretched over fat deposits for a long period of time, it may not tighten or bounce back when the fat deposits are no longer there, causing irregularities.

Irregularities can also occur when an uneven liposuction procedure was performed and leaves behind fat deposits.

Irregularities can occur naturally as well, when significant amounts of fat are removed from the body.

Fat transfers are the best idea for post-procedure irregularities.

HD (High-Definition) Body Sculpting

HD Body Sculpting is a specialized and minimally invasive fat removal and body contouring Liposuction procedure.

This is a all-around full body Liposuction technique, making it possible to create your own customizable look, easily tighten skin, and rid fat quickly.

Each procedure is designed around the needs of each individual patient. You create your OWN look!

Whether you are a male looking for a more athletic shape, or a female looking for more of a tighter contoured figure, HD Body Sculpting Lipo could be an awesome option for you.

HD Body Sculpting uses the most advanced ultrasound technology to break down fat cells, which are removed from your body through a suction process, filtered, and then placed into various other parts of your body, to then create the figure you desire.

What are the benefits of HD Body Sculpting?

Does not require general anesthetic, but uses local anesthesia
Minimally invasive – no damage to other body tissues Minimal risk of bleeding, bruising and discomfort
Minimal downtime – HD Body Sculpting is a walk-in-walk-out procedure
Minimal Scarring and bruising Stimulates collagen production, resulting in tighter skin for many patients

Abdominal Etching in HD Body Sculpting

Looking for Six- Pack abs? Look no further my friends!

Etching will accentuate your abdominal muscle tissue by getting rid of excess fat, resulting in your Six-Pack abs.

If you are looking to tighten, firm, or just look more muscular in the abdomen, etching could be perfect for you!

This non-invasive procedure usually lasts no more than an hour and is typically an outpatient procedure, using local anesthesia.

This uses a variation on modern Liposuction, suctioning out the fat tissues around the abdomen muscle.
The best part about this procedure is that it is a fast, and risk-free way to get your six pack back.
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What to Consider

Although Liposuction can help so many people, there are limitations, just as everything in life.
An ideal candidate would be physically fit and not more than 20 pounds overweight, with firm elastic skin.

It is extremely important that your weight is stable.

Liposuction results are permanent if your weight remains stable.

Many times, people who are moderately overweight can benefit from liposuction, and there are no absolute age limits.

However, older patients typically have less elasticity in skin and may not receive an optimal result because of that.

Bleeding disorders or the use anticoagulants are not ideal for any surgery or Liposuction procedures.

If you have heart disease, pulmonary disease, or diabetes or are excessively overweight, you may have a slightly higher chance of complications with surgery in general.

It’s never a bad thing to be smart and safe.
Always do your research to understand every aspect of Liposuction to find what might be best for you.

If you are a primary candidate, or are interested in what Liposuction can do for you,
book a free consultation to learn more about Vibration-Supported Liposuction in Las Vegas.