As we know, the cosmetic/plastic surgery industry has skyrocketed within these last several years.

From flat tummies, to full lips, fat transfers and implants, botox and injectables, nearly any change you want to your body can be done these days.

Of the nearly 1.8 million cosmetic procedures performed in 2017, the top 2 were:

Breast Augmentations (300,378 procedures, up 3 percent from 2016) and Liposuction (246,354 procedures, up 5 percent from 2016)

The newest trend in the cosmetic industry though? Chin fat removal!

Yes, you heard us right. It is now possible to ditch that double chin forever! While there are a few different techniques you can try to accomplish this, Belle Medical Chin Sculpting is superior!

Here’s why.

Chin Sculpting by Belle Medical Las Vegas

Here at Belle Medical Las Vegas, we do not make any large incisions or remove skin from the body.

No incisions you say? Well how do you remove the fat then?

We only need a small “access point” so that the cannula can go in and gently remove the fat from the chin area!

In addition to that incredible fact, we also do not use a general anesthesia as most liposuction procedures do. Instead, we use a local anesthesia, which allows our patients to be awake and aware of their body during procedure!

Like all of our HD Body Sculpting procedures, our Chin Sculpting procedure is tailor made for each of our individual patients.

Every patient has different body types, body goals, skin type, medical history, etc. Therefore we use a free consultation to assess our potential patients and ensure the maximum amount of care, uniqueness, and results for that patient!

Here’s how our process works:

The Consultation

The process begins with a FREE consultation with one of our amazing Treatment Coordinators!

This will give us a chance to meet you in person, discuss your body goals, take a look at the areas you are wanting sculpted, and briefly discuss your medical history.

The consultation process is meant 100% for the purpose of meeting potential patients and to make sure they are a good fit for the procedure itself.

We want you to receive the best, most naturalistic results possible with our schnazzy Chin Sculpting procedure, therefore it is so vital that you are an ideal candidate!

This is also where you will receive an all inclusive procedure quote that is designed specifically for your body and your body goals! Did we mention our prices include post-op care, compression garments, and even a free lymphatic massage!?

The Provider Assessment

Should the consultation go well, and you would like to move forward with saying goodbye to your chin fat forever, your next step will begin with the Provider Assessment phase!

This is where you have the pleasure of meeting one of our fantastic Providers who will be doing your procedure!

This is a lot like a second consultation, but with the Provider. Again you are discussing body goals, medical history, concerns, etc. The Provider will also go through the procedure and what you can expect, get you set up with any medications you might need, and answer any questions you might have.

Then– you set your procedure date….

The Procedure

Much like all of our Belle Medical HD Body Sculpting procedures, the procedure takes but a few hours to complete. Come in one time and have the fat gently removed forever!

You will show up to your Chin Sculpting procedure steady and ready!

We’ll get you all gowned up in your procedure garments and your Provider will make her markings on the chin area to guide them during the procedure. We get pre-op pictures and you are ready!

Our Medical Assistants will ensure maximum comfortability for you! Your skin will be cleaned and sanitized for the procedure, as your Provider is getting set up with all the tools she needs!

And then the magic begins!

Why Choose a Chin Sculpting Procedure?

Chin Sculpting is a growing trend in the cosmetic space! As we all know, chin fat is one of the hardest areas to burn off at the gym.

One cannot simply lift weights with their chin?!

For this reason, chin fat removal has become a very popular phenomenon- though not very many clinics are offering the procedure. Sure there are fillers and other injectables that can address some of these but nothing is better than actually removing the fat forever with a 1-time procedure.

Belle Medical Las Vegas now proudly offers Chin Sculpting!

With Belle Medical you can rest assured your body is being treated with the utmost respect and professionalism. So go ahead and request a FREE consultation and get your Chin Sculpting process started today!