Written by: Leah Roberts

Part of the process after HD Body Sculpting is maintaining our HD Body Sculpting results after procedure. You do this with Post-Op Care instructions and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle!

It is extremely important in optimizing and maintaining your results to know how to exercise after an HD Body Sculpting procedure! We have your guide right here!

Many patients use this procedure as a way to kind of motivate them- a kickstart if you will. Sometimes we feel depressed about our bodies, and feel hopeless that maybe we’re too “big” or “too out of shape” for working out to really make a huge difference. Sometimes despite all we do we still can’t get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat. That’s where our procedure comes in to help sculpt and contour your body.

Going to the gym and being active is hard. We are worried it will take a long time to see results, it will take a lot of work, and finding the time and motivation can be very challenging with our busy lifestyles. HD Body Sculpting isn’t replacing those things, but complimenting them and assisting you in your journey!

So often times, getting your Body Sculpted just the way you want it, becomes kind of a kick start for us right? From which point we feel “smaller” and “in better shape”, we feel beautiful and confident again. And we want this improved figure of ours to stick around right?

We like this feeling of confidence we have again, and we’re in shape, and we feel AND look good! And we want to STAY confident, in shape, and looking and feeling good! We let this motivate us to begin, or continue, a healthier lifestyle! So let us give you some tips to maintain and optimize this improved body of yours!

What We Recommend After Procedure

First off, we need to be familiar with what to do once we get home after procedure! We’re going to want you to rest up, but we don’t want you to lose your motivation in the process!

After the first 24 hours, we want you up and walking around for at least 1-2 miles! And we want you continuing light cardio exercises like this for the first little bit, with rest in between.

Whether that light cardio is walking around the house or neighborhood, or using the slowest setting on a stationary bike or treadmill. Whatever it may be- just light cardio!

However, don’t participate in any activities too strenuous for about 10 days after procedure. That’s right- no deadlifts or squats just yet my friend! You will slowly be able to return to all normal activities soon after procedure, but certainly let this be your excuse to simply relax for a bit!

Light cardio will become your best friend in your first couple of weeks following an HD Body Sculpting Procedure.

Maintaining HD Body Sculpting Results

Now of course, one of the best ways to ensure that we keep our results after HD Body Sculpting, is by maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Just because you had a procedure and removed a bunch of fat from your body doesn’t mean you are invincible. There are still some fat cells in those treated areas and gaining weight will obviously cause those fat cells to expand. Basically you still have to compliment your procedure with healthy and active choices!!

We’ve written oh-so-many blogs about some healthy eating tips, maintaining results, etc., so this one is dedicated to some light fitness regimes and physical advice that will help maintain your results.

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Now obviously we are not personal trainers, nor are we dietitians- but we do understand the importance and knowledge of a few light fitness exercises you can try integrating into your busy life!

At Home Workouts

The most common reason that we don’t work out like we want to is simply “time”. And when we get home from a long day of work, or we’re with the kids all day, the last thing we want to do is MORE work right?

We don’t want to dress in gym clothes, drive all the way over there, etc.

So why not take a few minutes out of you nightly routine? Here’s a couple downloadable guides from Oprah and Chris Philpot, for you to try out:

Oprah- Easy At Home Workout Guide

Chris P. Easy At Home Workout Guide

It doesn’t even have to be these workouts- but any workouts you find online! Just try to put aside 15-20 minutes each night or each morning, and dedicate it to yourself and your wellbeing!

HD Body Sculpting is a great first step to getting your body where you want it. But to keep your shape, or even take it one step further, you need to simply take a few minutes each day to put towards it!

Maybe you don’t really want to do these? Maybe you want to do yoga at home, or just go on a walk with the kids and the dog? Regardless of what activity you chose, try to at least chose just ONE to integrate! Your body will be glad you did!