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Oh it really is such a dream! The world has finally made it possible to get larger breasts or buttocks NATURALLY. By naturally, of course, we mean using our own fat from our own bodies!

Who isn’t enticed by the idea of taking fat from the areas we don’t want it (like these stubborn love handles or bat wings), and actually place that same fat in a part of our body that we actually WANT it. It really is incredible!

Increasing the size and shape of your breasts or buttocks, while simultaneously slimming down other areas of our bodies, seems like a win-win to me. Sign me up!

However, as glorious as it may sound, here at Belle Medical, we still take it very seriously. Fat Transfers are quite the process, but it’s well worth it.

So we’re here to answer all your Fat Transfer questions… What is a Fat Transfer?

What can you expect from a Fat Transfer? How does the process work? Why choose a Fat Transfer over implants? Will my results last? So many questions…

So let’s dive right in!

What is a Fat Transfer?

First things first- let’s get down to the nitty gritty of EXACTLY what a Fat Transfer is! A Fat Transfer is a natural solution that very subtly restores volume and shape to certain areas of the body, in a very natural-looking way.

Fat is taken from your body via HD Body Sculpting– a natural, minimally invasive treatment- and transferred to areas of the body where volume is needed.

Of course the most common areas to transfer fat are the buttocks, also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift, and the breasts- known as Natural Breast Augmentations.

Treatments can also be used to replace age-related lost volume, and subtly smoothing out wrinkles.


What Can You Expect From a Fat Transfer?

So the question is, what all is involved with the Fat Transfer process? How does it work, and what factors do the results depend on? How “big” of results can the procedure provide to the treated areas? All in all, what can we expect from an HD Body Sculpting Fat Transfer procedure?

Check out these short videos of our Provider, Helen, explaining JUST these very questions, to our patient Heather!

The results of a Breast Augmentation or Brazilian Butt Lift, will depend on 3 main factors!

      1. How much fat can we harvest- Depending on how many areas, and which areas are chosen to remove the fat from, factors into how much fat we can then transfer. Typically, we would need at least a minimum of two areas to remove fat from, to have enough fat to transfer. It will also depend on how much fat is in those exact areas. Harvesting fat from common areas such as the tummy, or thighs, will typically have more fat than areas such as the love handles or arms. If you don’t have a lot of fat doing a fat transfer may not be an option for you.
      2. How much fat the area can take- The area that we are transferring the fat to is unique to every patient’s body. For example, as was discussed in the video above, if a patient already has a small, and very tight chest naturally, the breasts won’t be able to hold as much fat. As opposed to a patient who might have a bit larger of a chest, and more flexible skin.
      3. How much fat will survive– About 70% of the fat transferred to the chosen areas will actually survive the healing process your body will take after procedure. That means 30% does not! As a result of this, we typically transfer a little more fat into the area, knowing that 1/3 of that fat will not be there in the following weeks. Therefore, you will leave your procedure with larger breasts, or buttocks than what it will finally look like. Our Providers are experts at knowing how much fat to place in the area, with the knowledge that most of that fat will not survive- resulting in your breasts being the exact size you want after all the healing is over in the following weeks and months! We also know that not all body parts are symmetrical, so we will adjust accordingly to sculpt your body.

    In general, for the breasts for example, you can expect that the Fat Transfer procedure will get you about 1 cup size larger than you were.

  1. It works the same way with the butt as well (if it were measured as cup sizes!). It’s important to remember that in order to do a fat transfer we must also do a fat harvest.
  2. You are getting an HD Body Sculpting procedure along with a Fat Transfer procedure at once. You must have enough fat personally (no sharing fat!) to harvest and then transfer in order to have a successful Fat Transfer.

How Does the Fat Transfer Process Work?

The Fat Transfer process will work exactly as the HD Body Sculpting Process works, with an extra, very precise, added step at the end!

To read the entire HD Body Sculpting Procedure from start to finish, click the link.

After the final area of the body has gone through the HD Body Sculpting fat removal process, we then allow the fat to separate and filter, getting ready for the transferring process.

The Provider and Medical Assistants will then prepare for the 2nd portion of the process in preparation of the Fat Transfer Process.

Once the fat is ready, another Medical Assistant will be measuring how much of the fat is being put into each breast, or each buttock, so that the Provider knows when the sufficient amount has been placed in the area.

A Medical Assistant will then massage the area and ensure the fat has been broken up and placed evenly in the area, for a nice natural feeling result. Due to the technology we use, we are able to gently remove the fat from the body and ultimately transfer a much purer form of fat that retain a higher cell viability.

From Start to Finish- The HD Body Sculpting Process


Why Chose a Natural Fat Transfer, Over Fillers or Implants?

For most, the choice of plumping these areas with their own natural fat, is an obvious one.

No added worry of putting foreign substances/objects in your body such as fillers, botox, or implants and wondering how your body could react to those substances.

Will my body reject these substances? Am I allergic to a substance? What if the implant breaks and leaks? What if I get an infection from these substances? How long until I have to replace or repair implants?

None of these are worries with a Fat Transfer, using good old fashioned fat cells! You already know your body accepts this substance- because it is from your own body!

Your body made it personally; not in a lab. And of course, there is the added benefit of just that- natural. Many of us desire enhancement of our bodies, but we also want to look natural and feel natural.

Some may not want others to know about their procedure- seeing more natural results, no one will ever suspect a thing!

However, if you do desire a more obvious or extreme improvement of an area, it is possible you would want to go with implants.

We specialize in using your own natural fat, to improve your breasts or buttocks, in the most natural-looking way possible.

Unnatural looks are just not obtainable through our services and not what we provide. We are here to help with the perfect natural solution in both the sculpting AND the transfer.


Will My Results Last?

Ah, the age old question- we all “lose” fat naturally, all the time right? So, will the fat actually STAY where we place it?

The answer is yes. Of course you must remember that only 70% of the fat originally transferred to the area, will actually remain in the area.

The other 30% is absorbed by the body’s lymphatic system.. Naturally! It is also highly dependent on how you treat your body after your procedure, from that point on.

In addition to following your vital post-op care instructions, taking care of yourself by leading a healthy lifestyle is a must! Eating right and taking care of your body is always important and we find many of our patients getting even more motivated after our procedure to do just that.

Just like everyone, weight can be re-gained with time if we are not taking care of ourselves. This procedure is a great starting point to kick-start your new healthy lifestyle to maintain your results!

Weight can always fluctuate, but the beauty of what we do is actually removing the fat cells from your treated sites which means you won’t gain weight in those same areas like you did before.

This goes for a Fat Transfer as well. If you lose a lot of weight after a Fat Transfer through vigorous exercise routines, your fat can also diminish in size in those treated areas.

This is how your body works and because we take a natural approach you will see your fat fluctuate in all areas.

A fuller, more shapely natural look is what you can expect to whatever site you transfer to.


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