Are you the type of person who likes to “weigh” their options, so to speak?

So perhaps you’ve looked into HD Body Sculpting a bit, but you’ve also looked into other types of fat loss procedures?

Maybe you are wondering what the exact differences are? What makes one “better” than another for me, and why?

What’s the difference between HD Body Sculpting, Traditional Liposuction, Cool Sculpting, Laser Lipo Sculpting, and traditional plastic surgery?

How does each work, what the pros and cons are for each, and what are the price differences?

But maybe you wish all this information was on one single website, rather than 80 different ones?

Well, lucky for you, Belle Medical Vegas is here to save the day! We’ve got all your answers below. Buckle your seatbelts friends.

Traditional Liposuction

Traditional liposuction, is of course, what we all think it is! A procedure that removes fat through suctioning, underneath the skin.

This procedure is typically done within a few hours, just as Body Sculpting is.

However, the difference is that Traditional Liposuction is performed under a General Anesthesia– which means you will not be awake (not to mention aware) during your procedure. For some this may sound nice, but there are trade-offs.

Yes, HD Body Sculpting is a form of liposuction, however, it is not traditional liposuction- it is a minimally invasive, much safer form of liposuction.

It is also performed under a Local Anesthesia– meaning you are awake and aware during procedure, but numbed.

With traditional liposuction under a General Anesthesthetic, surgeons can be as aggressive and rough as possible, which results in a painful recovery, severe bruising, inflammation, and possible blood clotting.

Whereas under a Local Anesthesia, a patient is awake, and aware of what is happening to their body, resulting in a gentler, more strategic procedure.

In comparison, Body Sculpting gently removes the fat from underneath the skin, while the patient is rest assured that their body is being treated in the best way possible.

While typical traditional liposuction results appear nearly immediately, there is plenty of bleeding, pain, and bruising to complement those results.

Compared to traditional liposuction, HD Body Sculpting is much less aggressive, less painful, and results in significantly less bruising and pain post-op.

Cool Sculpting

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive technology that uses controlled cooling to freeze and kill your fat cells.

You can expect to lie on a table, with a device that suction-cups and pulls in the skin from that area. The device then freezes these areas to temperatures of about 4 degree Celsius.

Now does that sound normal to you?

Results from Coolsculpting take much longer and require multiple sessions for each area. Plus you are only able to treat smaller areas at a time (about the size of a hand).

After those fat cells are destroyed, your body then has to go through itself, and clean up all those dead cells- which can take a while for your lymphatic system to process.

In addition, many patients experience negative effects from this fat removal procedure. Redness, tenderness, bruising, numbness, and more. If the procedure isn’t done right you can freeze the skin and cause damage there as well.

Long term, these patients report scarring, severe and long term pain, abrupt abnormal changes to the skin and fat layers, adipose hernias (hernias in the adipose tissue layer where the fat lies), and skin ulcers.

Ouch right?

Naturally speaking, it is not healthy to burn or freeze your body’s fat cells.

It kills and destroys the body’s natural fat cells!

We need fat for our bodies to operate correctly, and to maintain healthy internal functions. Fat cells serve a multitude of very important functions in the body.

Half of the human brain is made of fat! Fatty acids are essential for nerve development and function, hormone development, cushion for internal organs, and body temperature regulation.

So why would you kill the fat right? Hmm.

In comparison, Body Sculpting gently removes the fat from underneath the skin, but leaves just the right, smallest, healthiest amount of fat cells behind to ensure the natural body can still maintain its natural essential functions!

Laser Liposuction

Laser Liposuction, perhaps one of the most dangerous of all, is a minimally invasive procedure that uses heat from fiber-optic lasers to burn fat cells out of the body.

As we just discussed the importance of fat- does that safe to you?

Results are typically seen from this procedure slightly at first, but more so after a few weeks and months.

But do you know what is seen immediately, and even progresses days after, for most patients?

Significant bruising, blistering, open sores, and burns. Not to mention the greater chance of serious infection in those blisters and open sores.

Compared to Laser Lipo, HD Body Sculpting is also minimally invasive but less painful and safer! HD body sculpting does not destroy fat cells, and does not in fact, result in sores, burns, and blisters.

If you don’t believe us, look up some pictures of Laser Lipo burns! We won’t scar you with those images here.


Traditional Plastic Surgery

And of course, the “scariest”, and most “taboo” of all fat removal procedures. Not to mention the most expensive.

The idea of plastic surgery terrifies most people, due to the horror stories that float around the media. We’re not saying you shouldn’t be wary.

However, plastic surgery is not as terrifying when the right surgeon is seen.

The process of an Abdominoplasty (tummy tucks), for example, is certainly interesting. Compared to HD Body Sculpting’s minimally invasiveness, plastic surgery is 100% completely invasive, and done under  general aesthesia.

The surgeon will cut into the abdomen from hip bone to hip bone, typically using a small handheld laser tool to cut away at the tissues and muscles, to get to the fat.

Then, of course, they remove a considerably large portion of fat and skin from the area.

In this process as well, your belly button is cut out, and moved as well.

The excess skin is removed with the fat, and is then pulled, stretched over, and sewn back together. The belly button is sewn back in its new spot.

In addition, after procedure, patients will have a drainage tube under their skin attached to a small bag to collect the drainage. The drainage bag is typically tucked into the waste of your pants, on your person for about a week or so.

No wonder this seems terrifying right?

It is not hard to point out the differences between HD Body Sculpting, and Plastic Surgery.

  • Invasive Surgery VS Minimally Invasive same day procedure
  • General Anesthesia VS Local Anesthesia
  • Fat and skin removal VS Fat removal via suction
  • No belly buttons are removed


HD Body Sculpting

Last, but certainly not least- HD Body Sculpting. The creme de la creme of body contouring fat removal procedures!

Let’s have a quick recap as to what HD Body Sculpting is.

HD Body Sculpting is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure, performed under local anesthesia. It usually only takes a few hours and let’s you get back to your life in about 24-48 hours. Amazing!

A vibration-supported probe is used to break up and separate the fat cells prior to fat removal through a gentle suction process.

From this procedure, you can expect improved overall shape and contours of the body. HD Body Sculpting results are very subtle and natural-looking. That’s what makes it such a great option for so many.

HD Body Sculpting is simply meant to contour, and enhance a problem area. We are the natural approach to sculpting your body and removing fat… forever!

There will be slight immediate results, but the improved, overall appearance of the treated areas will become prominent in the weeks to months following the procedure.

What You Should Know In General About ALL Fat Removal Procedures

It is essential to understand, with any procedure that is not extremely invasive like plastic surgery, that when you come in for your procedure looking like YOU, you will leave looking like YOU.

You are still the same person, in the same body and skin you have always been in; but you will leave with more confidence in your body than you came in with. YOUR body will be sculpted and improved.

With any fat removal procedure- every patient’s body is different, therefore, results will vary.

It is also important to remember that with most of these fat removal procedures, your results will last IF significant weight is not gained. Your body fat will still fluctuate up and down depending on your eating habits and activity.

That goes for Plastic Surgery as well- any and all cosmetic fat removal procedures have potential to gain fat back if the body is not taken care of properly. Take care of your body!

And of course the most common question of all- pricing. You can expect that all of these non-invasive or minimally invasive fat removal procedures to be very similar in price when all is said and done.

There is typically only a $500 variance in pricing. And ALL of these procedures charge per area, which means a higher or lower cost to you.

Be sure to keep in mind your total “out the door” cost for each procedure.

However, as expected, plastic surgery will cost significantly more, depending on price per area, as well as the type of surgeon you pay for.

At Belle Medical Vegas, our price is all-inclusive which means your compression garments, massage after, post-op appointments, etc… are all covered with your treatment price.

Nobody wants to feel nickel and dimed and that why we include everything in 1 simple price!

In general, it is safe to do your research on each companies results, products, and pricing to make the best decision for your body. We highly encourage an educated decision. Each of these procedures listed are all effective in their own right.

We are not saying that HD body sculpting is the only way to go and in some instances we will encourage you to try another alternative if expectations do not match on both sides.

But we are VERY confident in our technology, process, and most importantly your experience and RESULTS!

Come in and see us and see what we are talking about. 

Book your free consultation with us today to get your quote and discuss your options!

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