Yes you heard us right! HD Body Sculpting can be used to reach your requirements for your military Physical Training test!

If you are active duty military, and are struggling to meet your PT requirements, HD Body Sculpting can actually help you meet those goals!

You know what we’re talking about! And for those of you who don’t, allow us to provide some insight.

What is PT?

PT stands for Physical Training- a test that new, and active members of the military are required to participate in, in order to train their bodies and stay fit.

You’ll find that you will need to do several PT tests in Basic Training as you first join the military. But it doesn’t end there!

Obviously, physical fitness is a large part of life in the military- in fact, it’s required!

To make sure our military is always mission ready, each service member — regardless of age, grade, gender, or duty assignment — is tested on a regular basis.

While there are some exceptions to the rule, you’ll have to prove your physical fitness regularly, and this is done through PT tests!

Of course requirements will vary depending on age, gender, etc., but there are physical fitness standards each individual must meet.

How Can You Prepare For PT

Typically PT tests are measured either by a point system, timed events, how many repetitions, and/or by body weight and inches.

Therefore, it’s important to train your body in advance. Training and preparing yourself for your PT test is vital!

Here’s a few tips on how you can prepare:

Improving your endurance. Training your body through extensive vigorous cardio will be extremely beneficial to passing your PT requirements.

Take advantage of your institution’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation programs, fitness centers, tracks, and swimming pools.

Have a fitness plan. Create and execute a training plan at least six weeks before the test. Sometimes it may be even easier if you have a buddy to train with you.

Make sure to track your progress, whether that’s in writing, an app, or just notes in your phone. Note where you need to improve and work on that particular area harder than you normally would!

Which brings us to our next point:

Train with a buddy! Having a buddy who also has requirements to meet is always helpful. You can help inspire each other to work harder, give each other motivation to train rigorously before your test, and keep yourselves on track!

Pre-test yourself. While you are pushing yourself in your own fitness plan, you should also test and time yourself to track your progress weekly.

Time yourself on each of the events you can expect in the test and work hard on improving your numbers.

Watch what you eat. This one is fairly obvious right? But that means no fast food and soda! Focus on eating clean and staying lean. Stay hydrated and get a full 8 hours of sleep each night.

Here are some clean eating tips:

Don’t test on sore muscles. You should relax and stop your personal training at least 2 days before the PT test- don’t test on sore limbs and muscles! That could hinder your abilities.

You should, however, continue to eat clean and stay hydrated all the way up until your PT test.

How Can Body Sculpting Help?

Perhaps you have been training yourself and working on eating right, but you’re still a bit worried about meeting your requirements?

You may feel that you’ll be several inches off your requirement, or even just a few… no need to worry- you do have options!

Belle Medical’s HD Body Sculpting specializes in helping patients lose inches. We do in fact have patients who come to us to lose a few inches in order to meet their PT requirements.

HD Body Sculpting is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure, performed under local anesthesia. It usually only takes a few hours and allows you to get back to your life usually within 24-48 hours post procedure.

AND it allows you to meet PT requirements…

Body Sculpting just gives you that extra boost you need to meet your physical fitness standards for the military, or any other deadlines or expectation set for you.

Give us a call today or book online to see what your options are, and how we can help you meet your requirements!

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