There are more than a few options here in Las Vegas for Body Sculpting and fat removal procedures. However, we are the best option for HD Body Sculpting in Las Vegas!

Even if it happens that a person may not be a great fit for our HD Body Sculpting procedure, our expert team can help by offering suggestions and advise for next steps. We truly have our patient’s best interest at heart and want to help everyone achieve their best self!

Belle Medical Vegas offers the following treatments:

  • HD Body Sculpting- fat removal
  • Fat Transfers- Brazilian Butt Lifts and Breast Augmentation

The Belle Medical HD Body Sculpting in Las Vegas procedure helps with:

  • All around contouring the body
  • Small stubborn bulges
  • Larger areas needing fat removal

You can have HD Body Sculpting in the following areas:

Our Las Vegas HD Body Sculpting is designed to treat adults of almost any age, body type, and shape! Whether it’s small, stubborn areas that won’t seem to go away with any amount of exercise, to larger areas needing fat removal!

The locations in the Las Vegas area are very convenient for those on the West Coast and Midwest areas of the United States.

Vegas is easy and cheap to fly in- we have helped patients from all over achieve their better body. Often, an environmental change can help accommodate the treatment process.

Las Vegas has made a name for itself by offering many fat removal places for people all over the country. It is one of the aesthetic capitals of the world.

Las Vegas also creates the perfect environment for those in their post-op recovery process, because of the unique blend of city and urban lifestyles.

You can be in the city and then a short 30-minute drive will put you in the mountains on a scenic hiking trail. A little light cardio in a beautiful place can do wonders for your recovery!


Taking The First Step To An Improved YOU

Looking for the best option for your body, can be difficult.

There is a great deal of processing, research, and consideration for a lifestyle change and committing to a treatment can be a big step!

However, contacting Belle Medical Vegas is easy. Simply call in and talk with our incredible Body Sculpting team.  We can set up a free consultation so that you can get all the information you need for your decision making process.

Our consultations will help you to identify the best course of action, exact pricing, and offer a completely customized treatment plan, based on the individual’s needs.

We can even do a FaceTime consultation for those not living in the area. All for free.

How amazing right?

With the expertise of our helpful Belle Medical Vegas team, we can suggest the best option for your body… that lasts! We care about every person that walks through our doors. We’ll do our best to ensure you can achieve your goals!


Getting Started With Our Body Sculpting Process

As we often get asked, we do not accept any insurance programs. This is simply due to the fact that the HD Body Sculpting procedure is considered a cosmetic medical procedure, and is therefore, not covered.

No need to worry! Our team will cover our payment options and financial arrangements for the Body Sculpting procedure, in the free consultation!

Because we create a treatment plan to suit each individual’s needs, the payment terms and amount will differ from one client to the next.

All of our bodies are unique, so a specialized treatment plan only makes sense right?

However, there are other places and treatments elsewhere, that offer other payment structures. If our treatment isn’t a fit for you, we can do our best to suggest other types of fat removal treatments, that may be a better fit!

At the end of the day, our goal is to be helpful and find the best fit for you. Even if that means it’s not Body Sculpting in Las Vegas!


Las Vegas Body Sculpting Treatments

Our team of professionals are highly skilled with years of experience in the healthcare environment, and are specially trained in the HD Body Sculpting procedure.

Between our skilled, MA’s, Treatment Coordinators, Providers, and Massage Therapist- you can rest assured you are in the best hands possible!

Unique to our Body Sculpting Las Vegas treatment process is the use of a local anesthesic, rather than a general. This allows our patients to be awake, and aware of what is happening to their body during procedure, resulting in a gentler, more strategic process.

This also opens to the door to those who cannot or do not want to go “under”.

As well, our post-op care process which includes massage therapy, skin tightening, and light cardio. The goal of our Body Sculpting process, is to give everyone a safe, comfortable environment to a healthier you.

While each treatment plan is individualized, there are a few basic steps a patient will take in our process. There are three main components to our Body Sculpting process.

Here is a brief explanation of each part of the process:


Free Consultations

Each and every patient begins their Body Sculpting process with a free consultation. This will take place in one of our Las Vegas clinics, (one in Henderson and one in Centennial), with one of our skilled Treatment Coordinators.

In this step, we will discuss if the potential patient is a good fit for Body Sculpting- i.e. previous health problems, current health problems, skin type, body goals, expectations, etc..

We will then discuss which areas of your body you are wanting modified and why they are problem areas to the patient. Of course last but not least, we will come up with a unique treatment plan for the individual, with exact costs, for the patient to take home.

Our costs are all-inclusive and cover everything you need for after your procedure as well (compression garments, massage, post-op visits, etc..).

This is such an incredible part of the process and gives the potential patient so much up-front information and a chance to connect with our staff and really understand our process.


Provider Assessments

Should the potential patient choose to continue along in their Body Sculpting process, the second step to our process is an assessment with one of our providers.

Essentially this is another consultation, but this time it is with the provider who will be performing the procedure. The provider will assess the areas being treated, review health history, and describe the direction they will be taking this procedure.

This is also a great opportunity to address any concerns or ask any questions the patient might have. The provider will help set the right expectations with the patient and set them up for success by helping them prepare for their upcoming procedure.


The Body Sculpting Procedure

When it comes time for the procedure, the patient begins by signing in. They will then take the pre-op pictures to track progress.

The provider will be preparing the room and tools for procedure, as well as preparing the patient’s body and themselves, for procedure.

Yes, you get to see for your own eyes, every step of the way- from laying out your the sterile tools, to setting up the equipment and preparing the local anesthesia, all while you lay watching your favorite tv show above (or playing candy crush on your phone if that’s what you’re into).

Then the magic happens- it’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for. The HD Body Sculpting procedure!


We care about our clients and love to see them happy with their results! Our Las Vegas HD Body Sculpting clinics offer a comfortable, safe place for our patients to have a fantastic experience and achieve the body they are looking for.

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The New Year is right around the corner, and it’s never too late to work on a better you!

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Written by: Leah Roberts