HD Body Sculpting is all the rage here in Henderson Las Vegas. While there are more than a few great fat removal services in Henderson you can turn to, there is only one place that does what we do– HD Body Sculpting.

Belle Medical Henderson is the best option for those searching for top of the line HD Body Sculpting services.

We’ve been servicing the area of Henderson for over a year now. We know the area, we know the people (we love the people), and we certainly know how to take care of the area’s aesthetic needs!

At Belle Medical in Henderson, Las Vegas, we offer a diverse group of HD Body Sculpting professionals who are able to cater to your every need.

Belle Medical Henderson offers the following expert treatments:

  • HD Body Sculpting- fat removal
  • Fat Transfers- Brazilian Butt Lifts and Breast Augmentation

The Belle Medical HD Body Sculpting procedure in Henderson can help with:

  • All around contouring the body
  • Small stubborn fat pockets
  • Larger areas needing fat removal

You can have HD Body Sculpting in the following areas:

Las Vegas has certainly made a name for itself by offering a multitude of awesome aesthetic and fat removal options to the community.

However, our customer service, competitive and affordable prices, and extensive knowledge in the field have made Belle Medical Henderson the go-to Body Sculpting experts in Henderson.

Our Henderson Body Sculpting treatment is designed to treat your body with the utmost respect and provide a comfortable, safe environment to achieve your body goals.

What Makes Belle Medical Henderson Different?

Well, it’s really quite simple- our entire process is different. We use different techniques, different equipment, and different, but amazing customer service.

Our Extensive Body Sculpting Experience

Belle Medical was started nearly 4 years ago, originally providing the Best Body Sculpting services to the area of Saint George, Utah.

Belle Medical built a loyal customer base and decided to expand its horizons. First to Idaho Falls, then to Henderson Las Vegas, and finally to Centennial Hills Las Vegas!

We kept the Belle Medical tradition and legacy alive by continuing to serve Henderson and the Las Vegas valley, taking care of Belle’s loyal patients and new patients alike!

Belle Medical provides Body Sculpting treatments to people from all areas of Las Vegas. This includes Summerlin, Centennial Hills, Mountains Edge, North Las Vegas, Enterprise, Henderson, Paradise, Boulder City, Mesquite, Green Valley, and SO much more!

We have since extended our services to more areas of Utah as well, opening more clinics in Pleasant Grove and Draper, and soon to be Colorado and Texas!

But our superior Body Sculpting treatments are not just limited to our clinic areas! We have a myriad of patients from all over the US who come to see us!

An Incredible HD Body Sculpting Team in Henderson

Looking for the best option for your body, can be difficult.

There is a great deal of processing, research, and consideration for a lifestyle change and committing to a treatment can be a big step!

However, contacting Belle Medical Henderson is easy.

Simply call in and talk with our incredible Body Sculpting team.  We can set up a free consultation so that you can get all the information you need for your decision-making process.

Our consultations will help you to identify the best course of action, exact pricing, and offer a completely customized treatment plan, based on the individual’s needs.

We can even do a FaceTime consultation for those not living in our service areas– all for free!

Belle Medical Henderson truly cares about each and every person who walks through those doors.

With the expertise of our helpful Belle Medical Body Sculpting team, we can suggest the best option for your body… that lasts!

We’ll do our best to ensure you can achieve your goals.

HD Body Sculpting Treatments in Henderson

Our team of professionals are highly skilled with years of experience in the healthcare environment and are specially trained in the HD Body Sculpting procedure.

HD Body Sculpting is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure, performed under local anesthesia. It usually only takes a few hours and allows you to get back to your life in about 24-48 hours. Amazing!

Unique to our Body Sculpting Henderson treatment process is the use of local anesthesia, rather than a general. This allows our patients to be awake, and aware of what is happening to their body during the procedure, resulting in a gentler, more strategic process.

This also opens to the door to those who cannot or do not want to go “under”.

From this procedure, you can expect improved overall shape and contours of the body. HD Body Sculpting results are very subtle and natural-looking. That’s what makes it such a great option for so many!

Also unique to us is our post-op care process which includes massage therapy, skin tightening, and light cardio ability.

Unique to Belle Medical as well, is that each treatment plan is special and individualized, catered to each person’s particular body goals and desires!

Between our skilled, MA’s, Treatment Coordinators, Providers, and Massage Therapist- you can rest assured you are in the best hands possible!

Body Sculpting Fat Transfers in Henderson

In addition to offering the Best Body Sculpting in Henderson Las Vegas, Belle Medical also offers Natural Breast Augmentations and Brazilian Butt Lifts via Fat Transfers or fat grating as it is also known by!

The best part about this method? It does not use implants of any kind!

Instead, fat is harvested from another part of your body via HD Body Sculpting. It is then transferred to the breasts/butt, subtly restoring volume and shape to the areas, in a very natural-looking way, while using your own body’s fat!

No need to worry about a natural feel or shape. No more worrying about an implant bursting, causing foreign substances to leak into the breast or buttock pocket.

Not to mention the added benefit of saying goodbye to unwanted fat that has settled into another area of the body, thanks to Body Sculpting!

You can lose a few inches of fat from the abdomen or thighs, and say adios to the double chin, and simply add it to the breast or buttocks instead!! By doing this procedure you are really getting 2 procedures at once!

An HD Body Sculpting procedure and a Fat Transfer in Henderson Las Vegas will not only help enhance the areas naturally but will also slim down other areas as well!

Free HD Body Sculpting Consultations

Each and every patient begins their Body Sculpting process with a free consultation. This will take place in our Henderson, Las Vegas clinic, with our skilled Treatment Coordinator Brandy.

In this step, we will discuss if the potential patient is a good fit for Body Sculpting- i.e. previous health problems, current health problems, skin elasticity, body goals, expectations, etc..

We will then discuss which areas of your body you are wanting modified and why they are problem areas to the patient. Of course last but not least, we will come up with a unique treatment plan for the individual, with exact costs, for the patient to take home.

Our costs are all-inclusive and cover everything you need for after your procedure as well (compression garments, massage, post-op visits, etc..).

This is such an incredible part of the process and gives the potential patient so much up-front information and a chance to connect with our staff and really understand our process.

We are confident that once you come in to visit us, you will see why we are the trusted experts for body sculpting in the Las Vegas area.

Belle Medical Best Body Sculpting in Henderson, Las Vegas

We care about our clients and love to see them happy with their results! Our Las Vegas Body Sculpting clinics offer a comfortable, safe place for our patients to have a fantastic experience and achieve the body they are looking for.

Belle Medical Body Sculpting in Henderson Las Vegas is really quite the joy ride! But don’t get us wrong- we’re also completely professional!

When it comes time for your appointment, our professional HD Body Sculpting medical assistants will get you ready for your procedure while the provider is preparing the equipment!

The provider will begin by marking and outlining the areas we will be sculpting, explain what the process will look like, and answer any questions you might have before we even begin, to make sure everyone is comfortable with the process.

And then the Belle Medical magic happens!

With our extensive experience and our happy patients, we are confident we can meet your needs and provide you with beautiful and pleasing results!

So give us a call today or book your free consultation online for the Best Body Sculpting in Henderson, Las Vegas. We’ll see you soon!

For more information about the services we offer, head to our Treatment page.

Written by: Leah Roberts