As you may have seen recently, via Facebook or Instagram- Belle Medical Vegas just partnered with another amazing member of our team- Sophia!

Sophia is our certified in-house Massage Therapist, who specializes in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Lypossage. You are probably thinking, “What in the world are Lymphatic and Lypossage?”

It’s basically a beautiful blessing to HD Body Sculpting…

But let’s just have Sophia tell you about her technique in particular:



About Sophia

“Hello all! Let me take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Sophia and I am a Massage Therapist. Each session is unique, using a holistic approach to my work- I customize each massage to your specific needs.

I am dedicated to my calling to care for others with a comforting touch, and calmness as I strive to help clients relax and heal. Each body has an innate capability to heal itself. Using an intuitive approach creates an ideal environment for your body to unwind on it’s own.

With compassion and careful listening, I will work to make each session meaningful for your life that day- guiding your body towards peace, balance, and relaxation!” – Sophia

Sophia is our in-house Massage Therapist certified by LMT Success Group. She has been following her calling of Massage Therapy for over three years, and specializes in Lymphatic massage.

Not to mention she is likely to be the kindest person you have ever met!

So what can Sophia’s massage techniques do for your HD Body Sculpting results?


What is Lypo-Therapy & Lymphatic Massage?

This Lymphatic massage technique, combined with Lypossage, is a clinically proven non-invasive body treatment/massage used to enhance our HD Body Sculpting clients results by helping promote smooth toned skin, reduce cellulite, and flush drainage from the system after procedure.

Clients are feeling the benefits of improved circulation in addition to working with the procedure to further results.

The Lymphatic/Lypossage massage has the ability to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen in the body. While simultaneously toning the muscles, as well as lifting and firming sagging skin.

Pre-procedure, this type of massage will work the soft, adipose fat tissue layer. This same layer is worked on during procedure. In turn, this creates a more pliable, softer layer to work with during your sculpting.

This in turn, has the ability to make the HD Body Sculpting procedure smoother, and creates more successful results!

In addition, if there have been previous surgeries, procedures, or childbirth before your HD Body Sculpting procedure, this massage technique is extremely beneficial!

Lymphatic massage works the areas of scar tissue, or possible sensitive areas your body may have. In turn, this creates a gentler, more successful Body Sculpting procedure.

This technique can also help quicken healing time after procedure. This is done through by improving circulation in the body, cleansing the body of lymphatic fluid, myofascial release, and visceral manipulation.


What Does That Mean?

You may be thinking, “What do all those words mean?”. Let’s have a brief chat about it!

Lymphatic Drainage- Lymphatic Massage cleanses the body of lymphatic fluid, that create irregularities in the skin, such as lumps, bulges, dimples, cellulite, etc. Lipossage breaks up the adhesions under the skin that create these irregularities!

Myofascial Release- this involves gently applying pressure to the myofascial connective tissues in the body. This helps to eliminate pain in the body and restore motion.

Visceral Manipulation– assists with the functional and structural imbalances within the body. Including musculoskeletal, vascular, nervous, urogenital, respiratory, digestive and lymphatic dysfunctions.


More About Lymphatic Massage

Manual Lymph drainage massage is a specialized type of massage. By gently assisting the body’s Lymphatic system, it helps to maintaining the body’s fluid balance, circulation, and immune mechanisms.

During your Lymphatic massage, the massage therapist uses a series of gliding, stretching, cupping, and compressing motions over the body. The gentle, rhythmic movements, allows the lymphatic system to be stimulated, without compressing the vessels. This allows the Lymph to move easily through the tissues and lymph nodes.

The Lymphatic system is a system of different vessels and nodes, that contain Lymph (a fine mixture of water, proteins, waste products, and so much more).

Lymph nodes filter out the waste and debris throughout the body and collect at major points throughout the body, such as the neck and underarms.

Massaging these areas with a specialty Lymphatic massage comes with benefits. It ensures that the Lymph is able to pass through as quickly, and smoothly as possible, so as to return to the circulatory system.

Sophia’s technique ofLymphatic Drainage massage, is extremely beneficial for optimum results!

Some patients choose to complete half of their 6-9 sessions before their HD Body Sculpting procedure. Then indulge in the other half post procedure! There are massive benefits to both.

How Does It Work?

With the blend of myofascial release, visceral manipulation, lymphatic drainage, sports massage, and a touch of swedish massage. Lymphatic massage can truly be a blessing for your HD Body Sculpting results.

Not only for your results, but your own peace of mind. Massage is a natural tool of relaxation and peace. Sometimes after our procedure, our bodies may be sensitive, and we may be afraid of the areas being touched at first. That’s where our professional, Sophia, comes in.

She is mindful and understanding of this. Her goal is not only to improve on your results, but to help you feel at ease, and release any anxiety you might have.

Massage in general is known for reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia, and so much more. So while you expand on your incredible Body Sculpting results with Lypossage and Lymphatic Massage, you are also being pampered and relaxed!


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Written by: Leah Roberts