How often do you get the chance to know all the specific details in the Aesthetic industry?

Most of the time in this industry, details are given as vague as they can possibly be.

They don’t give you all the “deets” until you’ve already put money down right?

Well that’s ridiculous!

That is only one of the many reasons why Belle Medical Vegas is so different from the usual.

Belle Medical is a very open clinic – we have no secrets and nothing to hide!

We want to make sure:

  • You have all the details so that you can feel as comfortable as possible with your experience.
  • You make an educated decision even if that means going somewhere else!
  • We set realistic expectations with you on what we can provide and what you want
  • Our patients feel valued and pampered throughout the entire process.
  • Our patients are happy with their results and know what’s going on every step of the way.

So as we get to know you, you get to know us as well.

Familiarize yourself with our staff and clinic here in Henderson!

Our Staff at the Henderson Location

Meet the 4 members of the Henderson clinic:

Aaron, our Owner, Christine our Provider, Brandy our Office Manager and Treatment Coordinator, and Kelsey, Jenny & Samantha, our Medical Assistants!

Our staff is incredible, and they will make your visit as comfortable as possible, helping you to feel right at home!

Our Henderson Provider

Christine is our active Provider here at Henderson, and we adore her.

She was born and raised in the Philippines, and is fluent in both the Tagalog and Cebuano languages (that’s pretty awesome).

She moved to Henderson from Arizona about two and a half years ago with her husband and two beautiful children. When she is able to catch a break from her hectic schedule, she likes to relax with her family and spend time with her kids.

Christine is phenomenal at what she does; she is driven, caring and pays attention to detail!

While in Arizona, Christine received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Grand Canyon University of Phoenix.

She is also Board Certified with the AACN. Along with her board certification, Christine is also a current member of, and certified with, the AACS (American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery with Allied Health) and the IAPAM (International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine)

Christine has been working in the medical field for since 2002. She has experience in Acute Care, Interventional Radiology, Emergency Care, ICU, Trauma, Cardiology, Orthopedic Trauma and Spine Surgery, ​Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery. (Woo-Wee, that was a mouth full!).

You can count on Christine bringing a smile to the office every single day, and that is one of the things we love about her. She creates such a positive and welcoming environment not only for her patients, but for all of those who work with her as well.

This career with Belle Medical is awesome for her, given that she help patients find confidence in themselves. Christine truly does care about each and every one of her patients and works hard to get them results that they will love!

Our Henderson Staff

If you haven’t been to our facility, come on by! We would absolutely love a chance to meet and get to know you a little bit.

Brandy, our Treatment Coordinator and Office Manager, is a sweetheart! We can’t explain how much work she does for the company.

Being Treatment Coordinator, Brandy meets with all of our patients for their consultations, and manages the flow of the office as well. By building that one on one relationship with each of our patients, she is able to ensure that procedures are unique and specific to you and your goal.

She is a native of Oregon and decided to make the move to Las Vegas in 2002, with her husband and son.When she’s not busy at work, she loves to do yoga, spend time outdoors and hang out by the pool in the summer time with family and friends.

Beginning her career working as a manager at a dental office for many years, she then joined Belle Medical as a manager and treatment coordinator in 2017.

Her goal at Belle Medical is to provide a personalized consultation, every time, to create the most effective treatment plan for each patient, with the understanding that every person is different in what they would like to achieve aesthetically.

But she absolutely loves what she does and is very excited to be a part of the Belle Medical family!

Brandy is passionate about her work, and loves working with our patients to help them feel the best they possibly can.

Kelsey is one of our Medical Assistant’s at the Henderson clinic, and she is amazing!

She has a beautiful little girl, and another baby on the way, and is currently going to school for Ultrasound and Sonography. So she is basically superwoman…?

From California, Kelsey naturally has a love the beach, spending her free time out in the sun and relaxing with her daughter.

Please welcome Jenny and Samantha to our crew! Both are Medical Assistant’s with us, and are learning and growing quickly.

Jenny has over 5 years of experience in Vascular Surgery and the Neuroscience Institute, as well as HD Body Sculpting!

Samantha has several years working in Plastic Surgery and HD Body Sculpting!

And last, but definitely not least, is Aaron – Belle Owner! He’s in the yellow shirt in the picture below, alongside Wayne, our other Owner of Belle!

Aaron is kind to everyone. He is intelligent and detail oriented and definitely knows his stuff!

He takes time to build relationships with our patients and is always ready to lend a listening ear.

Being a husband, and a father of two, his family means the world to him, and he loves spending time with them. Aaron also loves being outside. When he is out of the office and has some free time, he enjoys mountain biking and golfing.

Henderson, Nevada

First things first, if you are coming to Henderson for your HD Body Sculpting procedure, you are going to want to make a trip out of it! Come alone, bring a friend, bring the family – the options are endless!

There is lots going on, and we have got some ideas for you!

Cat Person?

If you want to make this an unforgettable trip, you have to check out the Lion Habitat Ranch.

At this lion sanctuary, it’s easy to fall in love with these beautiful, big cats. Not are there lions, but the ranch is also home to Ozzie the Giraffe.

You can meet, feed, and learn all about the animals when you visit the ranch, and it is right in Henderson.

They have a couple different options at admission: general, a behind the scenes tour (90 minutes with an animal trainer), feed the animals or feast with the beasts.

They also offer free admission on your birthday. If you are treating yourself with a procedure here at Belle Medical, why not take advantage of their offer too!

Interested in History?

Look no further. Clark County Museum is packed with several points of interest. The museum is a 30-acre site with a timeline exhibit all about southern Nevada – prehistoric to modern times.

It also has a collection of restored historic buildings from various decades.

Heritage Street allows you to revisit old newspaper print shops, the 1932 Boulder City Depo, a mining exhibit and ghost town.

The old buildings and homes let you step through a doorway into past decades. At the depot, they have railroad cars, and a real 1918 Union Pacific steam engine.

The Anna Robert Parks Exhibit Hall takes visitors on a journey from the Ice Age to the Age of Entertainment. Depicting various scenes from throughout history, they focus on the ancient Pueblo, Paiute, and Anglo pioneers.

Trip With The Kids?

The number one place you are going to want to be if you bring your kids along is Cowabunga Bay!

You’re coming to Henderson for a procedure that will make you happy, and Cowabunga Bay is a surefire way to make sure everyone else on the trip stays happy too.

The water park is 25 acres of fun in the sun. With tons of different rides and a lazy river, there’s something for absolutely something for everyone!

Tubes and life jackets are always free, so you don’t need to worry about bringing swimsuits and smiles!

Cowabunga Bay is home to the largest man-made wave in the world. Wave pools, water slides and surfing.They even have a kids cove for the little ones.

Are you ready?

We have only scratched the surface on ways to have a good time here in Henderson. With such a variety of opportunity, anyone can have a good time.

Not only that, we are the #1 HD Body Sculpting Medical Spa in Vegas!

Whether you visit us at the Henderson location, or the Centennial location, we guarantee that you will feel welcomed. As our patient, you are the top priority to us, and we ensure that your visit will be rewarding.

Your body is your most important asset, and you should feel confident in deciding to trust us with it.

Check out our HD Body Sculpting Process blog to learn exactly how our process works at our Henderson and Centennial clinics!


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