So we just gave birth to our precious little newborn, and we are so in love!

Time goes by and we’ve been up for awhile now, going hours on end without sleep sometimes! We also have to remember to walk the dog, keep the house clean, make dinner every night, and give attention to our other children.

We have to remember what time the kids get out of school, what time soccer practice is, all while managing the home and caring for our newborn.

So what about YOU!? Our bodies get neglected in motherhood- and that’s just a standard way of life now right?

We don’t have time to eat as well as we want to. Or go to the gym every day. Or even do at home workouts-because let’s face it. We’re exhausted.

This all results in having low confidence, and being unhappy! Why?

Because we don’t feel as pretty, and we don’t feel as healthy! So how can we work on slimming down after giving birth, losing that leftover baby belly, AND still have time to give our family the attention they need?


1. Baby Steps First!

Your journey to a healthier, slimmer you, begins with the small steps. Start by making small changes to your everyday life and routine, that you do have control over.

The simpler, the better. Start by making an honest effort to include more water into your every day routine. Then you can make the decision to cut back on other drinks like juices, sodas, etc.

Another small step might be slowly, and steadily, integrating more fibers into your diet. Perhaps instead of the bacon or Golden Grahams for breakfast, we could try making a step towards more natural fibers.

Such as high fiber fruits/veggies, most berries, apricots, mangos, avocados, bananas, etc.

You could also try integrating other small steps into your routine,. This could be simply resisting certain “naughty” foods. Trust us- we know this is hard. Naturally, we eat a lot of the same snacks as our children right? They love those dang pop-tarts, and honestly, so do we.

But now that you have all those high fiber fruits and veggies in your fridge, perhaps opt for a small portion of berries, rather than the pop-tart next time!

It’s these small diet changes , that if accomplished little by little, can lead to bigger, more intricate lifestyle changes!

2. Set Realistic Goals

When we initially make the decision to slim down, or eat healthier, we begin by creating these huge complex goals at first, don’t we? And then we start by coming in hot! And we do great the first week or two right?

And then bleh… Life gets its grasp on us once again, and it all flies out the window.

But I believe that the biggest reason this happens is because we are setting our bar too high! We are creating these impossibly detailed, overly-extensive goals that may not be entirely possible for our current lifestyle.

So again, start small. Set realistic goals!

Our goals kind of look like this don’t they?

“I’m going to lose 30 pounds in 2 months.”

“I’m going to cut out junk food altogether.”

or “I’m going to go to the gym 6 out of 7 days of the week.”

These are HUGE goals! That’s a tall glass of water! That’s a big order to fill!

I mean sheesh! We’re certainly glad for the ambition, but we have to be realistic about setting our goals.

Try setting small goals, that simply lead up to these larger ones. Why?

Because we’re busy! We’re moms! We have families, chores, and other various responsibilities. We can’t set humongous goals, and then beat ourselves up about it later when we can’t find the time to follow through! Right?

So instead set goals that sounds more like the goals in the previous section!

“I’m going to try to drink 8 more ounces of water a day than I do.”

“I’m going to cut out bacon” – or whatever else food you choose!

“I’m going to include more fiber in my diet” or “I’m not going to eat products that have High Fructose Corn Syrup”

When we can accomplish these smaller goals, for longer periods of time, that’s when we have the confidence and motivation to move onward to larger goals. Or maybe not necessarily larger goals, but we can further expand on these goals.

Such as:

“Okay I drank 8 ounces more of water per day, for a whole month- now I’m going to aim for 16 more ounces per day!”

“I made a point of eating more fibrous fruits and veggies all last month. So now in addition to that, I’m going to include more protein rich foods” – or again, whatever you choose! Just make it achievable!

3. Integrating Physical Activity

Ah, perhaps one of the more difficult of these steps- making a point of including more physical activity in your life!

Again- start small! Maybe next time you take the dog on your walk, try going a bit further? Instead of circling the block once, circle it five times? This one is great because it’s something the whole family can do!

Your kids can hop on their bicycles, or scooters, you can strap the baby in that fancy stroller of yours, and head on out!

The best way of integrating more physical activity as a mother, is by doing it as a family.

Get your kids excited for the nightly walks!

Or try starting a tradition for your family. Maybe that’s going on a hiking trip the first Saturday of every month. Maybe it’s your nightly walks. Maybe it’s a family trip to the batting cages, or the roller rink.

Creating a physical tradition with the family, encourages physical activity, not only for you, but for your family as well. And this way you don’t feel guilty about spending time on yourself– because you get to spend it WITH your family!

4. HD Body Sculpting

Maybe none of these small strategies will work? Maybe you have a unique situation, and you have too many things going on. Maybe you are already doing these things and it is just not paying off the way you hoped!

That’s why we have HD Body Sculpting. We help men and women and dads and moms alike. We understand, more than anything, that life gets crazy.

It blindsides you often, and sometimes we’re so busy as mothers, and as people in general, that we often put our own health on the back burner. We think we’ll have time “later” or “one day”.

Then months or years pass us by, and we realize “later” happened a long time ago!

Therefore, HD Body Sculpting may be a great option for you and your situation. It’s a quick, and safe way to slim down after childbirth! Or slim down in general!

All you need to do is find one day, out of all your busy days, to make your trip in for a procedure with us.

You can get done in one day, what we will have worked months on during your busy schedule!

We’re not saying you will come out looking like a brand new woman who resembles Superwoman! However, it’s possible you can regain your confidence in who you already are, and feel like a healthier version of yourself.

All it takes out of your day is 45 minutes for a free consultation, and a few hours for your procedure. Post op care is easily done in the midst of your daily life!

You can get right back to your family when your procedure is done- no harm no foul!

We understand busy schedules, and we certainly understand busy mommas. You can trust that whether you come see us at Belle, or simply take the advice we provided in this article- that we have your best interests at heart.


Written by: Leah Roberts